Get ready for DRENCHED; The Hottest run with the Coolest Finish!

What is DRENCHED??

Whether young, old, slow or fast, everyone has fond memories of hot summers when the best way to cool off was a friendly spray of the hose, an ice cold bucket of water poured over a friend’s head, water balloons being frantically filled and thrown, and water guns being brought out to battle.

Drenched is all about bringing everything you loved about those lazy summers back, an event where you can have fun with your friends and get healthy in the process!

Come on out and earn your Drench!  Get hot when you run or walk the 5k and when you’ve crossed the finish line you will be rewarded with a Drenched summer party you won’t forget.

Enjoy music, blasting fire hoses, lively dancing, water slides, cold refreshments, and foam stations.

And don’t forget the largest water balloon fight on the planet!

Check out a video one of our Jacksonville participants created:

 Who is Drenched for?

Everyone who wants a healthy Drenching is welcome to participate. Expert runners and first timers of all ages and genders will start out hot and dry and end up healthier and cooler in the Drenched Finale 5 kilometers later. Kids are welcome!

Is there a Charity Involved?

Yes!  We partner with local charities in each city to produce the event, so these organizations can put event proceeds back into helping the community!

What inspired the idea for Drenched?

Songkran, Thailand’s New Year’s celebration. Every year the entire country shuts down for two days and people of all ages come out onto the streets for one massive water fight! We saw how the people of Thailand did it and we wanted to do something similar here is the USA. There are enough “hard core” competitive events out there, it’s time to go back to our childhood roots, throw some water balloons, let loose and have some good old fashioned fun!

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