What is DRENCHED??

Whether young, old, slow or fast, everyone has fond memories of hot summers when the best way to cool off was a friendly spray of the hose, an ice cold bucket of water poured over a friend’s head, water balloons being frantically filled and thrown, and water guns being brought out to battle.

Drenched is all about bringing everything you loved about those lazy summers back, an event where you can have fun with your friends and get healthy in the process!

Come on out and earn your Drench!  Get hot when you run or walk the 5k and when you’ve crossed the finish line you will be rewarded with a Drenched summer party you won’t forget.

Enjoy fun music, blasting fire hoses, lively dancing, water slides, cold refreshments, and foam stations.  And don’t forget the largest water balloon fight on the planet!

DRENCHED is the HOTTEST run with the COOLEST after party!!

Who is Drenched for?

Everyone who wants a healthy Drenching is welcome to participate. Expert runners and first timers of all ages and genders will start out hot and dry and end up healthier and cooler in the Drenched Finale 5 kilometers later. Kids are welcome (5 and under run FREE and kids 12 and under ALWAYS GET $20 ENTRIES!)

What is the course like?

We are at the mercy of the venue so courses may very city to city.   The course for the most part will be a “hot and dry” course so you can work up a sweat and feel oh so refreshed at the finish line.   In most cities we will have a couple of fire hose stations along the way or at the start and finish to keep you cool and we do encourage everyone to bring their biggest and baddest water guns:  there will be water refill stations throughout the course for impromptu water fights with your friends along the way.

And at the finish?

Get ready for a wild and fun after-party with music, cool refreshments and the largest water balloon fight in the world!   Some venues will have foam stations, inflatable water slides and more fire hoses at the finish festival.

**Friends and family who want to get wet without having to sweat can purchase a Party Pass which includes a tee, sunglasses and access to the after-party festivities (water balloon fight, water slides, foam zone, etc)  for only $20 online and $30 day of.

(It is completely free to spectate and hang out at the after party but if you want to be a part of the water balloon fight, play in our amazing foam zone, slip n slide or other summer past-time activities you need to buy a festival pass)

Is the race timed??

No. Why? Because:

What does the registration fee include?

Does the run benefit anything?

Yes!  Drenched is sponsored, produced by and benefits local charities in each city!

What if I just want to volunteer?

You’ve chosen the best race to volunteer at! In what other race do you get to deck your friends (and random strangers) with water balloons as they run by? Click HERE for more information.

This is one race where the finish line is just the beginning of your fun!

Form a team with friends, family and co-workers now for discounted registration in some cities and get ready for some serious water balloon flinging, slip ‘n’ sliding, water gun shootin’ fun at the Finish Festival!


Do I have to sign up for Active.com when registering?

NO! You can choose the first option to login in as a guest. We just need your email address so that we can send you the confirmation sheet that you print and bring on race day. “Creating an account” just means we get the information we need to get you registered. No strings attached!

I want to register my whole family, can I do that all at once on the website?

Go through steps 1-3 and on step 4 click the button at the bottom of the page that says “add another registration”. You can then fill out the necessary information for each family member. By signing up and paying for your entire family or group at once you will save $5 on each entry!

How does the water balloon fight work?

We will not have filling stations on-site so you will need to bring filled water balloons on race day!!   Click HERE to view all water balloon fight details and rules.

Can I transfer my entry?

YES! Please send an email to drenchedcustomerservice@gmail.com with “Transfer Entry” in the subject line:

Can I get a refund?

You will be issued a refund if you can supply medical evidence of being hit by a 100-pound water balloon…in other words, no. Sorry.

What else do I need to know about DRENCHED?

Your head is going to be water logged if you read anymore. It’s time to sign up! Grab your friends, choose your water weapon, and find an event near you!