Get ready for a wild and fun after party with music, cool refreshments and the largest balloon fight on the planet of course!


**Friends and family who want to get wet without the sweat can purchase a Festival Pass which includes a tee, sunglasses and access to the after-party festivities (water balloon fight, water slides, foam zone, etc)  for only $20 online and $30 day of.

(It is completely free to spectate and hang out at the after party but if you want to be a part of the water balloon fight, play in our amazing foam zone, slip n slide or other summer past-time activities you need to buy a festival pass)


Important Information about the Water Balloon Fight:

Okay, you just ran a 5k through the heat you’ve earned your drench.  Get ready for the epic water balloon fight and summer party!  Pay attention because if you don’t you may miss out of some fun!

  1. What is the water fight?  The Drenched Water Fight is the biggest, wettest, most fun water fight most people will ever be a part of. Check this out for inspiration:
  2. How do I get to participate?
    – At packet pick up you will get a wristband that designates you are a paid participant and are eligible to participate in the post run festivities.
    – Everyone that wants to be a part of the water balloon fight needs to bring a minimum of 25 water balloons.  This is on the honor system, and, come on people!!  Are you really going to show up and steal someone else’s water balloons?  (we had this happen last year and had numerous families with small kids that spent hours filling up balloons only to have no balloons to throw themselves)
    **REMEMBER, the water balloon fight is a free for all, once it begins the balloons are a community pool that everyone can use!
  3. When you arrive on race day there will be a designated “Water balloon check in area” where you will drop of your balloons (and leave your cooler or whatever you carried them in outside the area) 
  4. The water balloon fight will generally start 75 minutes after the last runner/walker wave.  We will make announcements and have everyone line up 5 minutes before the water fight starting time.  PLEASE do not grab balloons and try to start an impromptu fight yourselves before the scheduled time.  You may think that this is cute and playful (and we definitely encourage fun and play) but  this happened last year and we were unable to stop it resulting in many people (again were families with disappointed children) that were still out on the course and never got to be a part of the fun.
  5. Will there be anywhere to fill them on race day? NO, NOPE, NO WAY!  You got us? We’ve done the math and we don’t want you to have to stand in the line on race day that would come from trying to accommodate race day filling. No filling on race day.
  6. General balloon fight rules:
    *No heads shots.  It’s about fun not revenge so keep your aim low.
    *No throwing outside the balloon fight area-there will be little kids and elderly watching so be nice.
    * Have fun- DUH!